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Media Evaluation Research is a media analysis and evaluation consultancy which helps PR professionals understand and demonstrate the impact of PR activity



Not a clippings house bolt-on.  Not an evaluation factory.  Media Evaluation Research is a consultancy which connects media coverage, PR objectives and outcomes by understanding the uniqueness of your circumstances

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It is important to be up-front about pricing. There are Silver, Gold and Gold Plus categories covering a variety of service levels for all budgets. This table sets out services features in detail and their cost.

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Awards evaluation

Business sector awards are crucial to building reputation and profile. With over 20-years experience of PR research and awards judging we can provide a detailed review of the critical measurement element of your awards submissions.

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"Allianz Insurance has retained Michael for media evaluation and analysis for the past ten years. We have found him very capable of adjusting to the changes in our media market. He has provided invaluable insights into the impact of our media exposure as well as analysis of the coverage achieved by our competitors." Mark Bishop, Allianz Group Communications Manager



"We were keen to research the media associated with a world record attempt by a charity client. We attach  value to making the connection from campaign objectives and eventual outcomes.  Media Evaluation Research assisted us in this process, providing social media listening and analysis. Their detailed advice proved useful.  Reporting was quick and timely, enabling refinements to made during the lead-up to the attempt. The final encompassing report included invaluable advice and learnings for the future." Mark Chambers, Managing Director Syndicate Communications

"In my business everything is about results, and I have very successfully used these guys (Media Evaluation Research) to prove linkage between media output and public perception changes." David Hempleman-Adams, OBE Balloonist, Explorer and Businessman